Thoreau and Kaczynski – A quick comparison

After doing some research on both men, I came up with the following:

1. Harvard Educated
2. Highly intelligent
3. Anti Social – Hard to get along with
4. Loved Nature
5. Troubled by Society
6. Atheist
7. Against materialism and consumerism
8. Desire greater autonomy, less government and regulation.
9. Critical of the Scientific Community
10. Anarchistic (but to different degrees)
11. Concerned about the freedom on manking.

Unique Characteristics:

1. Promoter of Non-Violent protest.
2. Believed men should change their attitudes to be free.
3. Advocated “Simple Living”.

1. Promoter of violent protest, and murdered in the name of his philosophy.
2. Believed that Technology was a threat to mankind and freedom.
2. Advocated a technological regression of society.


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