Self Publishing: The New Wave?

Will a second coming of New Wave of Science Fiction arrive? Self publishing makes it possible to read stories the traditional gatekeepers would never approve. To some degree, the slush pile from hell is about to be unleashed. That’s how some see it, but maybe that’s not the right attitude to have.

From my perspective, what occurred in the 1960’s may yet take place again. Namely, the creation of a New Wave.  Think about it: the publication of books and short stories which challenge the establishment, and edify readers. Is it not time to celebrate? 

Harry Harrison wrote: It was an age of experiment. The old barriers were coming down, pulp taboos were being forgotten, new themes and new manners of writing were being explored.

Good words. I truly hope we can enjoy this freedom a second time, where Science Fiction reaches the literary heights so many had hoped for.

One response to “Self Publishing: The New Wave?

  1. R. K. MacPherson

    It’ll be both. A deluge of mediocre works will spew forth, but so what? Quality stories should (SHOULD) still do better, assuming their authors take the time to push and market them. Writing is a learning process. Someone with great ideas, yet unpolished writing skills, can always get better. I think the move to independent authors self-publishing is a good thing. Let the readers be the final arbiters, not some overworked assistant editor buried under the slush pile.

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