Why Good Old Fashion AI is Dead

Martin heidegger

The following paper is probably the best document which describes the death of “Good Old Fashion AI”.

Why Heideggerian AI Failed and how Fixing it would Require making it more Heideggerian

Okay, it might be a bit long for the casual blog readers. But Professor Dryfus makes a compelling case for the death of traditional AI, and why its future depends on Heideggerian philosophy. In reality, the AI community now seems to recognise that to crack the secret of consciousness, we must first understand how it manifests itself in living creatures. Only then can we begin to create artificial intelligence that represents that which we can only now imagine in Science Fiction.

It’s a fascinating topic.

2 responses to “Why Good Old Fashion AI is Dead

  1. This does not come as a surprise to me. This kind of comment about the deficiency in traditional AI has been doing the rounds within the systems engineering community for the last five years to my knowledge.
    For complicated and deep technical reasons, I feel that a break through will happen. Whether it is tomorrow or in the next century remains to be seen. I know I tried to write part of the answer into my short story, ‘Agents of Repair’, which the Jupiter science fiction magazine kindly published in July 2010. The one thing I feel fairly certain of is that AI intelligence will turn out to be different from anything that could be expected.

  2. Chris Seroquel

    Interesting post. Continue your solid work.

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