The Second Trip – New Wave from Bob Silverberg

Does anyone remember this novel?  The Second Trip was written by Robert Silverberg and first serialized in Amazing Science Fiction. It was later released in novel form  in 1972 . It’s quite enjoyable to read a book like this. With a story set in the year 2011, seeing how the author envisioned our “present day” is a blast.

The book’s theme revolved around capital punishment, which was deemed too harsh. Instead, violent criminals are subjected to coercive therapy that effectively erases their personalities, which are replaced with artificially constructed memories to form a person deemed useful to society.

The novel includes graphic scenes of copulation and sexual assault, and long stretches of the narrative between the pro and antagonist which must share the same body. In my opinion, this placed The Second Trip squarely within the New Wave sub genre.

Perhaps its shock appeal has diminished over the years, but it’s still a good read. Check it out if you have time.

3 responses to “The Second Trip – New Wave from Bob Silverberg

  1. Great cover — I’ve been on a Silverberg kick lately (I just finished Hawksbill Station — a masterpiece — and To Live Again, quite average). He’s really hit or miss…

  2. Thanks for that Joachim. The cover is from the first Hardcover printed. I actually have that in my book collection 🙂 And regarding hit or miss. Well, he has written so much, that is bound to happen. Haven’t read it all yet, but will look at Hawksbill Station.

  3. I’ll have a review of Hawksbill Station up in a few days (probably tomorrow) — i’ve been on vacation so I’ve been somewhat behind my normal pace… The World Inside is my favorite Silverberg with Hawksbill Station a close second and Downward to the Earth third — I have quite a few left to read….

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