Making a POD with Lightning Source: Holy crap…I got me a book!

The process of creating a POD version of Freedom Club continues to progress well.  After uploading my content PDFs for both the book’s interior and cover, I finally received my proof copy by UPS.

And the final result? You can see here:

It’s a perfect bound 5×8 trade paperback, perfectly square with soft cream paper. Just over 400 pages, it feels like a quality product. Lightning Source has done an outstanding job, and it sure does feel like I made the right choice using them for POD distribution.

I must say, seeing the book on real paper does give one a true sense of accomplishment. Now all I have to do is market the book, and get everyone to read the darn thing. That…will probably end of being a life long endeavor.

I am of course indebted to everyone at Hotspur Publishing who helped bring this to fruition. I’m certain my first book would have been a disaster if I’d gone it alone.

Stay tuned for more on my humble attempts at marketing.

5 responses to “Making a POD with Lightning Source: Holy crap…I got me a book!

  1. Looks great, Saul!

    Well done, woot woot 🙂

  2. Hi Saul. I’ve been following your progress lately and am preparing to launch a POD run of my own novel. I am curious: How did you come to choose Lightning Source? What other POD services did you consider? I’m looking at all of these companies online (BookBaby, Smashwords, OnDemandBooks, etc.) and it’s making my head swim. I’d love to hear your thoughts on choosing a POD company.
    Thanks, and BEST OF LUCK!

    • I went with Lightning Source for a few reasons. First, they had great reviews from other authors who like the quality of their books. However, by actually going through the process, I found out some other things. They offer very good customer service. On line chat in their web-site helps take care of sudden questions, and you always have a sales rep that you can call if needed. On the downside, they’re a bit more expensive to work with. If you have zero budget, then you might want to consider Lulu or CreateSpace. They also have a complex contracting process. But as long as you have some patience and are willing to read a few legal documents, you are sure to make it through. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions.

      • Thank you for the rundown! I didn’t even know about CreateSpace, I’ll add them to my browsing list. I think I just might have some additional questions in the near future. Thanks for the open door!

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